Based in Central Scotland we are specialists in all aspects of legionella control from carrying out legionella risk assessments, undertaking part or all of the necessary control measures, training you or your staff, carrying out cleaning and disinfections or helping to create a company’s legionella policy or written scheme.

Whether you are a private landlord, the owner of a hotel or care home or even a facilities manager with a large portfolio of properties located throughout the country, legionella is an issue that cannot be ignored. With experience in working in all areas of industry throughout Scotland and northern England we are ideally positioned to give you advice on your situation and to direct you on how to proceed if any areas are not up to standard.

Working with third party software suppliers we are able to offer a web based or desktop based system which has been designed to help you manage the systems you have. This allows you to see the actual results from the testing and inspections that take place at your sites from any device connected to the internet. We have found this system to be especially useful for those managing a portfolio of 5 properties or more as the logistical problems caused by the physical locations are negated by the design of the system. We are able to provide full training and support for the customers who decide to use this system from the engineers in the field to those in charge managing the faults identified on site.

If you would prefer a physical log book to be kept on site to hold all of the records of the testing and inspections necessary that have been carried out then we are happy to provide this to our customers.

We aim to ensure that our customers understand their responsibilities in relation to the current regulations and that where necessary we help them to do so. We focus only on the areas specific to legionella control; in this way we believe that we can give you the best advice to keep you compliant because we are not looking to make money from recommending unnecessary follow on works. For more information on your requirements please go to the HSE website or contact us directly to discuss the water systems you have at your site(s) and what you have been doing to comply with the regulations.

With almost 10 years experience in the industry combining field work, with supervision and management we believe that we are well positioned to help each customer in the way the fits their individual needs.


The full list of services we provide is as follows: -

Legionella risk assessments of water systems
Legionella competence verification (combining a work place audit with a review of training records and company set procedures)
Legionella management policy creation and development (Legionella Policy, Written Scheme etc)
Legionella training (general awareness or Responsible person through to carrying out control measures)
Clean & Disinfections of water tanks and / or associated water systems
Water sampling and lab result analysis (outlets, water tanks, swimming pools, showers, water coolers etc)
Temperature monitoring of hot & cold water systems
Shower head / spray head cleaning & disinfections
Cold Water Storage Tank inspections and temperature monitoring.
TMV / TMT servicing and maintenance.
Desktop audits of record keeping systems and compliance with regulations and company policies.
Scope of Work development for tenders and projects including review of submissions where requested.
Appointment and management of sub-contractors to carry out remedial works to improve the standard of water systems.