At times a disinfection (also possibly including a physical clean) of a water system may be required. We here at Legionella Compliance Consultancy Ltd understand the complexity that comes with having to arrange for the water to be out of use and the effects that this has on the property occupants. We will therefore work with you to agree on a suitable time to carry out this work, depending on the reason for carrying out the task in the first place, along with the disinfectant that will be used. This will vary depending upon the time period available, the severity of the problem and the construction materials used.

In advance of any work being carried out we will supply specific RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) for the job being completed for your approval. Wherever possible we will ensure that the procedure we follow will be in line with the requirements as laid down in BS 8558: 2011. We also ensure that the person responsible for carrying out this work on your behalf has completed a specific City & Guilds accredited course and has experience of carrying out work of a similar nature in the past.

To ensure that you remain compliant we supply a full report on completion of the work so that you have the evidence that the work was completed to comply with the standard. Within this report you will also receive photographs of the conditions of the internal of the water tank both before and after the work has taken place.