If your risk assessment identifies that there are control measures required, due to the water systems you have on site, but have no one trained, capable or willing to carry out these tasks, never fear, we are here to help. The staff we send to do this work on your behalf will have experience of carrying this out on similar systems and will have completed a City & Guilds course to ensure that they understand how legionella bacteria can grow in building water systems and what measures should be put in place to prevent this from happening.

Our experience of carrying out this work on various types, sizes and complexities of water systems across the country using both paper and electronic recording formats means that we are able to step in as a suitable sub-contractor to fulfil this need. Whether that be for carrying out the monthly temperature monitoring of the hot and cold water systems, the quarterly cleaning and disinfection of the shower heads / spray head and hoses or the inspections of the Cold Water Storage Tanks we can work with you to ensure that someone is doing all the tasks required.

On completion of each site visit your record system will be updated with the results from our testing / inspections and we will verbally inform you of any areas of concern identified. Any significant areas of concern found will also be followed up with an email and wherever possible a photograph showing the area of concern. If we take any water samples from your site(s) we would submit these to our appointed, independent, UKAS accredited lab to carry out the testing. On receiving the certificates from the lab we would review the results and given you advice on any out of specification results along with our recommended course of action. We would of course supply you with a copy of the certificate to include in your record system.