Useful links: -

1. Health and Safety Executive - website

Information on how to comply and where you can download a free copy of the current legislation.

2. Health Facilities Scotland - website

If the building(s) you operate means you need to also comply with the Scottish Healthcare Technical Memorandums, here you can download copies of most of the sections. For SHTM 04-01 Part G please click here.

3. The Water Management Society - website

Information on technical aspects of water treatment and legionella control. They bring together industry members from throughout the public and private sectors from all cross the UK. They also provide specific training, accredited by City & Guilds, on many aspects depending on individual needs and responsibilities.

4. L8MS - website


Bespoke online software that helps you to manage all areas of legionella control. This starts with the risk assessment and progresses from there onto the ongoing control measures. Ideal for large portfolio organisations where all areas of non-conformance can be managed from a single location easily.